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Welcome to the Keys

The Florida Keys are considered the "American Caribbean" and feature all the same amenities as other island destinations such as world class Florida Keys fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling, boating, sailing, kayaking and eco-tours. Diverse, warm, sprinkled with tropical breezes, and blessed with exquisite scenery, the Florida Keys are among the most popular and sought after travel destinations in the world! They are an oasis of extreme beauty and peace, wildlife, history, and small island hospitality.
There are two seasons in the Keys: hot and humid summer, roughly from June to October, and warm and much drier winter, from November to May. The ocean water temperature reaches over 80°F in the summer, but even in the winter always stays above 70°F allowing for water sports and exploration all year round.  We invite you to visit each area individually and discover our tropical paradise for your upcoming wedding, family reunion, or special event. 



* The Florida Keys are in the Eastern time zone and         participates in daylight savings time. *

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